Affordable Roofing has been certified as the roofers Tampa area homeowners can call on for rugged, durable Tamko Roofing systems. Tamko has been a leading shingle manufacturer for more than 65 years, and produces high quality asphalt, fiberglass composition, and metal shingles that offer great beauty, superior protection and lasting value in roofing Clearwater homes, roofing Tampa homes or roofing St. Petersburg homes. Tamko produces complete roofing systems, with components that work together to provide protection for your home and family. These components include underlayment, shingles, adhesives and ventilation units that combine to create an impermeable barrier against rain, sun and wind.

Aside from being rugged and dependable, the Tamko roofs installed by Affordable Roofing are beautiful and appealing to the eye. Tamko shingles are available in a wide range of styles and colors. There’s sure to be one to match your home’s architectural style and décor. You can view the variety of Tamko shingle styles on-line at: http://www.tamko.com/StyleSelect. As is the case with residential roofs, roofing issues with your commercial building start small but often end in big problems. Yet because of your building’s design, these problems are often manifested differently. When we do a commercial roof inspection, we look for the following tell-tale signs of potential issues:

Asphalt Shingles

  • Heritage® Vintage® Shingles Striking cuts and angular lines for truly distinctive roof beauty.
  • Heritage® WoodgateTM
    A wider cut that conveys a rugged yet refined wood-shake look.
  • Heritage® Premium
    Beautiful and durable shingles available in two distinctive color palettes.
  • Heritage®
    A shingle favorite offering affordability and extensive color options.

Fiberglass Shingles

  • Elite Glass-Seal®
    Our highest-quality 3-tab shingles offering years of low-maintenance protection.
  • TAMKO® Glass-Seal
    Popular 3-tab shingles that provide economical roofing protection

Metal Shingles

  • MetalWorks® StoneCrest® Slate Steel Shingles
    A dramatic look that closely replicates the random finish of natural slate.
  • MetalWorks® StoneCrest® Tile Steel Shingles
    Deliver the solar reflectance performance that characterizes cool roof products.
  • MetalWorks® AstonWood® Shingles
    The traditional look of real wood shingles with a modern twist.

Affordable Roofing has chosen to install Tamko products when roofing Tampa homes because of the value that comes with every roof.


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