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Your roof is expensive but a necessary investment. It is one of the most indispensable elements in your home so you should keep it maintained regularly.

Yet, at some point in your life, you need to change your roof. Delaying the replacement will potentially cause further damage or harm to your family. Here are the possible signs before deciding to replace your roof.

1. Your roof is past its due age

Different roofing systems or materials have varied expiration dates. It is wise to determine and verify your roof’s due date first. Then, have it inspected by your local roofer to make sure it is still functional.

An asphalt shingle roof can last between 20 to 30 years. If your roof is more than 40 years and still looks good in every way, you should definitely have it checked professionally.

If you are sure that your roof is way past its functional age, you should have your roofer perform a complete removal of the shingle or the entire roof.

You should not delay this process because it will eventually lead to leaks.

2. Damage in your attic

If you think your roof is still in its functional age, you should check the attic. For an untrained eye, signs of damage are more visible in the attic area than from the outside.

If you see sunlight or water, there’s a good chance you need a new roof. However, if the damage is small, you can have if repaired.

Like in the first sign above, you should not also delay the maintenance because it will only lead to bigger problems or additional damages.

3. Curled up shingles

If your shingles’ edges are curling up or the centers are bubbling, you should have your roof replaced as soon as possible. Neglecting this problem will lead to leaks.

Moreover, check if there are cracked shingles. If you spot more than two cracked shingles, you should have the whole roof replaced. But if the damage is minimal, you can have it repaired.

4. Gutter granulation or blockage

If you see debris or fallen leaves clogging your gutter, clean it immediately using an old brush.

Additionally, when you inspect your roof, you need to see the colored ceramic granules. If you can no longer see them and, instead, find bare wood, the felt paper under the shingles, or deep cracks, have your roof replaced.

You should also check for rusts, leaks, or bends, as well as missing sections. If you can’t find any or if you’re skeptical about what you see, call a professional roofer immediately.

5. Leakage

Other than a wet floor or furniture, a water spot on the walls is a sure sign of a leakage. Leaks are very common during rainy or stormy season so make sure you inspect your roof and home during this times.

If you discover a small leak and forget to have it repaired, your house’s floor or furniture might suffer from this problem.

Moreover, the leak might become bigger and your roof will be more vulnerable to other potential problems.

6. Faulty flashing

A faulty flashing is commonly caused by a damaged shingle or improper installation. Either way, you should have it replaced immediately.

Roof flashing is a strip of metal installed at breaks, joints, or edges on your roof to avoid leaks. You can see them on your chimney, around the valleys of your roof, and many other places.

It mainly protects the vulnerable parts of your roof so any sign of damage should be addressed and resolved quickly. Or else your whole roof will get more damage.

Don’t worry, it’s an easy and inexpensive task for roofers.

If your roof might not have the signs above but you still suspect a damage or problem, don’t hesitate to consult a trained roofer. They offer free inspections. It’s better to entertain your gut instincts now than to suffer later.

Planning to replace your roof? Check out these factors that can cause delay.





These essential information comes from Calgary Roofing Done Right, a Calgary roofer specializing in asphalt roofing for residential installations. They have fixed leaks that made everyone confused.

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