As a homeowner, it’s not only about looking for the best roofing contractor or making sure that the roof is properly installed. Sometimes, due to the reason that they are busy, they tend to forget that they need to check how did the roofers do their job. Through checking what the roofers are doing, homeowners will be sure of the outcome of their roof.

For the homeowners, this article will help you to know rules that will increase the quality of your roof. Below are the roofing rules which serves as their guide to know if their roofers are doing the job right.

Avoid doing shortcuts

There are results. You see how it was installed properly, but the question is, do you really think that they did the right thing? In some cases, other roofers might end up taking some shortcuts which lead to your roofing to fail after a year or several months. Shortcuts are good but not in this case. A good roofer doesn’t need to beat the deadline, he needs to pay attention to the quality of the roofing.

Ask tools from you

If ever you get to encounter things like this, tell them nicely that it’s their job to provide the tools needed for their work. Even if you have the complete set of it, never let them borrow it from you. There are two sides of every coin. It’s either they will lose your tools, or they might steal it from you.

Keep in mind that they are coming from a roofing company. If they lack tools, they should buy it. After all, you are paying their job. If this is the case, you might as well start looking for a new roofing company.

Not communicating with clients

In order to have a good plan, the roofers must be easily contacted. If you are the client and you find it hard to message or even call the roofing company, there is something wrong with their customer service. It doesn’t matter if they are the well-known roofing company. Since the project starts with your queries, if they treat you nicely, you will be treated nicely as the roofing project continues.

Selling something you don’t need

A good roofer gives you quality work and not just something that benefits them. If they told you that there are other products that they are offering for your roofing, always make sure to ask if it’s still connected to the package or service you chose. If not, expect that you will be charged for that additional service.

Pay attention to what your roofer is doing. If you think that he’s doing something that is not in line with their work, ask some questions. Always make sure that you are curious in order to ensure that the things they do are right. It is your right to know the answers to the things that you are interested about.


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