The Tampa Bay area is a great place to live and work. But, being on the Gulf of Mexico, we do sometimes find ourselves in the path of some pretty strong tropical storms, or even hurricanes. High winds, heavy rains and falling objects can cause damage to the roof of your home or commercial property. When this happens, don’t delay! Call Affordable Roofing, the experts in roof repair Clearwater residents count on, and the top-rated professionals in roof repair St. Petersburg homeowners trust to restore their damaged roofs.

The biggest threat posed to your roof by Gulf Coast storms is not penetrating debris or even drenching rainfall. It is the wind. If your roof is not sturdily built, high winds can tear off shingles, buckle metal roofing panels, and blow tiles right off the roof. Poorly secured roofs can even suffer “wind lift” in which updrafts can literally tear the entire roof deck off! Its what makes us the roofers Tampa resident prefer to help protect their homes and businesses from the weather.

The first step is prevention. Before the next storm season arrives, have Affordable Roofing conduct an inspection of your roof to identify potential problem areas such as loose shingles or tiles, loose or missing flashing, or insufficient anchoring of the roof. In most cases we can make repairs or retrofits to better secure your roof to withstand high winds.After the storm has abated, our roofing experts can conduct a thorough evaluation of your roof and recommend necessary repairs. Be sure to ask about documentation and estimates for insurance purposes.


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