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Most people don’t give their roofs a second thought until those first drops of water start hitting them on their heads. The truth is that if your roof is functioning as it should, you shouldn’t even know that it’s there. Yet the key to making sure that it stays in tip-top shape is identifying and correcting small issues before they become big problems. Doing that requires continually assessing the state of your roof and roofing materials.

To the untrained eye, potential roofing issues can easily be overlooked. Plus, it’s not recommended that anyone not accustomed to walking on rooftops or outfitted with the proper safety equipment go up on a roof anyway. That’s what we at Affordable Roofing Systems are here for. As the most trusted roofing contractor in Clearwater, FL, you can rely on us to provide you with an honest and accurate assessment of your roof. Roof repairs are almost always easier and less expensive than replacements, which is why our roof evaluations remain one of our most requested services.

How Often Should You Have a Roof Evaluation?

Most home and business owners would prefer to correct roofing problems while they’re still relatively minor. The trouble is knowing exactly how often one should have his/her roof assessed in order to reasonably expect to spot those problems. While there are a number of different opinions as to the right frequency of roof evaluations, you typically can’t go wrong by sticking to these basic guidelines:

Maintain a standing appointment

The National Association of Homebuilders recommends that you have your roof inspected every three years. Newer homes with newer roofs can probably stretch that time interval to five years. Keep a note for yourself in your annual home improvement calendar to record the date of your last inspection and to schedule your next appointment accordingly.

Check after experiencing severe weather

Florida’s climate presents some unique challenges to those who work in Clearwater roofing. The severe weather events that we see here often necessitate more frequent roof inspections. If you notice fallen shingles or roofing tiles immediately following a severe storm, call us for a roof evaluation.

Watch your neighbors

In general, most homes in the same neighborhood were built around the same time. Thus, their roofing maintenance schedules should be the nearly the same. If you notice that your neighbor is having an inspection or a repair project done, this could be an indicator that your roof is headed for similar problems. Only a professional roof evaluation can tell you for sure.

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