When the roof of your home or commercial property is damaged in a storm or other disaster, call on the experts in roof repair St. Petersburg homeowners and professionals in roof repair Clearwater residents can count on for fast, responsive service:  Affordable Roofing.

When disaster strikes your roof you don’t have time to sit back and assess the situation. You need to stop the flow of water, now! Affordable Roofing has Rapid Roof Repair Teams available 24/7 to respond quickly to any emergency. Our years of experience as one the top roofers Tampa Bay homeowners and commercial property owners have relied on for quality roofing services extends to our emergency response as well.

Here are tips to follow if your roof is damaged:

  • Do not attempt to make repairs yourself, especially in the middle of a storm. A roof is a dangerous place even during nice weather and can be deadly in inclement conditions.
  • Call Affordable Roofing at (813) 400-2515 as soon as you suspect your roof as been damaged.
  • If electrical wires have been knocked down stay clear!
  • If water is entering your home it is OK to place buckets to catch the flow. Be sure to empty them before they fill to the top.
  • Affordable Roofing’s Rapid Roof Repair Team will be on the scene as soon as possible to evaluate the situation.
  • We will make temporary repairs to stem the flow of water into your home. This may include tarping or attaching sheets of plywood to the damaged area.

Once the storm subsides, we’ll return to conduct a more thorough inspection of the damage and recommend further repairs or, if necessary, replacement of the damaged roof. We’ll also provide documentation and estimates to help you file a homeowner’s insurance claim for damages.

Above all, you can trust Affordable Roofing to make the right moves to minimize the damage to your home, and to minimize the cost of repairs.

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