The Best Residential Roofing in Clearwater, FL

Your roof is the first line of defense that your home has against the harsh elements of Florida’s climate. Whether it’s hot, baking temperatures, a high humidity index, or hurricane-force winds, your roof is called upon to stand up against a lot. Having to endure such external forces will inevitably require the services of a St. Petersburg roofing contractor at some point.

Yet many homeowners hesitate to make that call when it’s truly needed, afraid that they’ll be taken for a ride by a dishonest roofer. We at Affordable Roofing Systems completely understand this concern and thus offer up a free estimate of your roof’s condition that’s easy to understand and follow. We want you to trust in us and in our service, which is why we also offer our own guarantee of workmanship beyond the original manufacturer warranties on the products we use.

Trust Us and Our Assessment

When it comes to Tampa roofing, the most common mistake residents make is overestimating their roofing needs. Many take the first sign of a leak to mean that it’s time to replace the whole roof. And many roofing contractors will gladly fulfill that request, even if it’s not needed. While it’s impossible for you to know the extent of any roofing damage with just a quick visual inspection, there are some signs you can look for to see how extensive your repair needs to be:

Visible holes in the roof or roof deck

Cracked or missing shingles or tiles

Shingle granule buildup in your rain gutters

Rust spots on a metal roof

Mold or algae growth

Water streaking along exterior walls

Visible dark spots from the attic

Rain Gutters or Flashing from around the Chimney or Vents

While the presence of any of these signs might indicate roof replacement is needed, the absence of them might also mean that a simple roof repair job is all you need to get your roof back in top shape. We promise that our estimate will be fair and honest, knowing that any potential lost revenue from a repair versus a replacement job will be made up for in your future loyalty. We offer a full selection of the finest roofing materials. Our service is thorough yet quick, with most jobs being completed in a single day. We pride ourselves on our neatness and work to avoid damages to any surrounding shrubbery or landscaping. Once we’re done, you’ll hardly know we were ever there.

Here to Meet Your Residential Roofing Needs

Trust as at Affordable Roofing Systems to meet all of your needs for residential roofing in Clearwater, FL. We service areas within Florida, primarily in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. To schedule an appointment for your free estimate, start by filling out our online request form, or call us at 813.400.2515.

Types of Materials we Use

GAF Roofing

We earned the title GAF Master Elite Contractor because we have met their qualifications. Our clients are enjoying the top products that are only accessible if you are a recipient of the said award.

Metal Roofing

In Affordable Roofing Systems, we oath to keep your home protected and well-maintained in style. It is considered as the type of materials that is durable and gives more value to the aesthetics of your home.

Stone Coated Roofing

This type of material is made of steel panels and shingles. The metal is coated with stone chips with the use of acrylic film. We will make sure to keep your roofing classic and stylish at the same time with this material.

Tamko Roofing

The Affordable Roofing Systems will help you in achieving the design that suits the style of your roof. You will acquire the protection and security you have planned to your home.

Gerard Roofing

We offer quality Gerard Stone Coated Metal Roofing to maintain the safety and value of your home. With the durability of Gerard roof, we will be able to meet your standards and expectations regarding roofing.

Your Satisfaction is what we Guarantee

We offer warranty choices to our Tamko and GAF roofing. The Affordable Roofing Systems has listed down the things you can look forward to every contractor.

As a homeowner, you need to pay attention to the regulations of your roofing contractor. You need to be aware if they are insured or if they have a warranty in the materials that they are using. If these two is not visible to the contract, you might as well withdraw. Good thing, in Affordable Roofing Systems, we make sure to offer a warranty on the roofing product we have.

GAF Roofing

Some choices suit your budget and on what your roof needs. We will give you this GAF comparison so you will be aware of the details. The list includes Material Defect Coverage, Workmanship Coverage, Problem Prevention, and Peace of Mind. We do not want to be a trouble to our clients that is why we ensure to give them the best service that we have.

Tamko Roofing

To make sure that your roofing is protected is a vital factor to retain our clients. We are responsible for the accidents or any damage that our roofers might do to the roof. However, there is some “limited warranty.” The guidelines include Certificate for Replacement TAMKO SA Roofing System Material, Maximum Liability, and Dollar Limit Per Square.

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