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Many often fail to recognize the marked differences between residential and commercial roofing. To most, a roof is a roof, is a roof. What they fail to realize is that many of the same of issues that your home’s roof encounters are magnified exponentially with a commercial roof. Where a residential roof covers the roof deck and supports usually only one chimney and a few vents, the roof of your office building often supports multiple ventilation and elevator shafts. Thanks to our multiple years of experience as Tampa roofers, we at Affordable Roofing Systems have become very familiar with many of the issues that your building’s roof faces.

Along with many of the same challenges that you’ll find with a residential roof, commercial roofing also presents its own unique set of problems thanks to the differences in design, the different materials used to cover them, and the much larger surface area that they are typically required to cover. As such, our approach involves more hands-on maintenance when it comes to preventing roofing problems.

Common Commercial Roofing Problems

As is the case with residential roofs, roofing issues with your commercial building start small but often end in big problems. Yet because of your building’s design, these problems are often manifested differently. When we do a commercial roof inspection, we look for the following tell-tale signs of potential issues:

Buckled panels

The high winds that we often experience in Tampa can lead to buckling of the roofing panels covering your building’s roof deck. Buckled panels can mean that moisture has already permeated to the roofing materials underneath.


Due to exposure to sun, blisters can form in the protective roofing materials that eventually burst and expose the underlying surfaces to the elements.


Because most roofs on commercial buildings are flat, the drainage systems play a vital role in keeping water from ponding on their surfaces. If those drains become clogged, or worse yet, a building’s roof isn’t sloped properly, huge ponds of water can accumulate, eventually eating away at the roofing materials.

Valley Flashing

Loose flashing

Flashing installed around vents or along corners can easily become loose or damaged over time. Patches of discoloration along exterior walls are usually a sign that water is seeping in through loose flashing and leaking into the building’s interior.

At Affordable Roofing Services, our roofing maintenance programs are the backbone of our commercial roofing in Tampa. Once we’ve done our initial assessment and repairs to your building’s roof, we work with you to develop a maintenance plan involving routine roof inspections and cleanings to help identify issues early on. Through these maintenance programs, we’ve helped a number of our commercial customers avoid costly repairs.

Types of Commercial Roofs

Unlike the other roofing companies in Tampa, we make sure to go through a process before we choose the roofing that is right for you. The first thing that we consider is the design of the building. The next thing is if it is durable and could withstand the calamities that are present in Florida. Lastly, it should have the ability to last longer. After you are done with the criteria, you need to match it with roofing materials that fits your roof.

Metal Roofing


The metal roofing is resistant to some damages, such as fire and molds. This type of material is the most recommended because of its life expectancy.

Modified Bitumen

This product is asphalt-based that is used for buildings. It is even considered as long lasting of all the flat roof materials that were used since it can last for more than 20 years.

EPDM and TPO Roofing Membranes

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is known for its versatility. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is used for commercial roofing since it can be easily fastened.

Tamko Roofing

Before, this was the popular choice for roofing but due to innovations, it became less common. Tar and Gravel is also affordable and weather resistant.

Our Roof Maintenance Program

The Affordable Roofing Systems want to help you in making sure that your roofing is in good shape. Keeping your roofing well-maintained ensures the safety of the people living under the roof. Since your roof has been exposed to different natural disasters, by taking care of your roof, you will be able to increase the quality and extend the average lifespan of your roofing.


We will see to it to give you an honest assessment of the condition of your roofing. The Affordable Roofing Systems have their team of experts that is capable of knowing which part of your house needs a repair.


Along with the lists of repairs that are needed to your roof, we will also make sure that it is well-photographed. We tend to do this to be able to let you know what the actual situation of your roofing and repairs needed is.


After we have identified the problems concerning your roofing, we will respond to that as soon as possible. We know that the roofing needs to be repaired immediately to avoid further issues, such as leaky roof and molds.

We’re Here to Help

There’s a reason why we’re at the top of the list of the best roofers in Tampa. Our experience in solving roofing problems has helped to achieve outstanding, long-lasting results with our commercial customers. You can’t afford to not have us care for your building’s roof. We service areas within Florida, primarily in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. To schedule an appointment for your free initial estimate, call us today at 813.400.2515, or fill out our convenient online request form.

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