According to Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, roofing construction is considered as 5th highest work-related death rate. Falling off the roof is the main reason for the accidents. Thinking that even though the work was done by the experts, such things still happened, what more for people who only rely on video tutorials?

Fixing your roof on your own can help you in saving money. Making one wrong move might not save you at all. Here are some of the points why roof replacements must be done by the professional.

They have mastered their work.

Doing this kind of job for years is their advantage. With that, they were able to know the pros and cons of each type of roofing materials. They also gained knowledge about the dos and don’ts of replacing the roof. Most of them also know the techniques while installing each roofing. That is why repairing the roof is not complicated for them.

They have complete tools.

Accept the fact that no matter how many tools you have, you still can not deny the fact that theirs are more complete. Having the equipment is not enough, you need to know the right way of using it. Another mistake that you might do is using the wrong tool for a certain job. Since there is no one to help you, you end up making the job take longer.

You might damage it more.

Improper roof installment can lead to other roofing problems. If you will not leave the work to the expert Tampa roofers, there is a tendency that you might not be doing the job correctly. There are some parts that experts avoid.

Do not get deceived by the video tutorials that you have seen on the internet. Notice that those tutorials were narrated by the experts. Learning how to repair your roof is a good thing. However, you must be assisted by people have been in the business for a long time.

The problem might worsen if you will replace it without looking at the blueprint of the house. You could end up fixing the wrong shingles that might cause leakage and other roofing problems.

They offer extra services.

The replacement of your roofing is not only their concern but also of your house. Expect that they can give you tips and advice on roofing maintenance. Some roofing contractors offer services that are related to how can you keep your roofing last longer. Hiring an expert Tampa roofer is the key to have a successful roofing replacement.

Falling is considered as one of the four fatal deaths when it comes to construction. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Last 2015, there were a total of 987 total deaths in construction and 364 or 38.8% of it were due to falling. Roofing replacement must be done by the experts in roofers to avoid further accidents.

Planning to fix your roofing on your own because of the reason that you can save more is wrong. Unless you were once trained to become a roofer, then you are excused. Let the experts in roofing do their job and spare yourself from any form of accidents.

Knowing that your electricity bill increased, you will probably think that it is due to excessive usage. One of the factors why that situation occurs is due to roofing installation failure. Having a proper attic ventilation keeps your home cool during summer and warm during winter. These vents protect your roofing from breaking and gutter from creating ice dams.

The attic ventilation is not just a design when it comes to roofing installation. All roofs need to have this in order to prolong the lifespan of shingles. Here are some of the factors to make your house have properly installed vents.

Selecting the right type of vents

There are two types of vents: intake and exhaust vents. The intake vent is what you can see under your roofing which is sometimes called as attic ventilation. The exhaust vent, on the other hand, can be seen and installed on the roof. The power attic and soffit are examples of intake vent while the ridge, box, and wind turbines are under the exhaust vent.

During summer, a good ventilation serves as an outlet for the heat to release. In choosing the right vent, there are some guidelines you need to consider. One of them is the price but price does not matter. What matters is the quality of ventilation that will be used for your house.

Making sure that the ventilation is working prohibits the air from getting trapped. The ventilation you need to choose must also support the needs of your house. In selecting the right type of vents, you need to consider the durability and the quality of the product.

Passed required length

The length of the vent should also be considered in order to achieve the exact amount of air you house needed. According to Principles of Attic Ventilation, the total net free ventilating area shall not be less than 1 to 150 of the area of the space ventilated. In addition to that, a minimum of a 1-inch (25.4 mm) space shall be provided between the insulation and the roof sheathing at the location of the vent.

Installed by experts in roofing

There are multiples ways to install the ventilation. Doing it on your own might end up as a mess. For example, a professional roofer will choose the ground-mounted horizontal units as the vent to be installed. This is because of the reason that its features are less risk of roof leaks and easier to maintain.

When the roof vents are incorrectly installed, it can cause other kinds of damages. Instead of being energy-efficient, it might go the wrong way. There are some instances that rather than preventing your roofing from damage, which is caused by condensation.

Providing the best ventilation for your home not only maintains the coolness of your home. This is one of the reasons why your roofing last and in good shape. These vents prevent the algae from forming to the shingles. Any type of roofing materials will last longer than its actual lifespan if when the vents were installed properly.

The roofing fails not only due to improper installation but because of lack of maintenance. Some homeowners often neglect the situation of their roof. They are not aware that it is one of the causes why roofing does not last.

According to National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), a checkup on your roof system in the fall and spring will help diagnose potential problems early. NRCA also suggested that homeowners should hire an expert roofer that will help them with the checkup. The following are the benefits homeowners can acquire if their roofing is well-maintained.

Roofing serves its function

Protecting your family against natural disasters is one of the functions of the roof. When a roof is not well-maintained, no matter how expensive the material is, it can lead to a roofing failure. Once a roof is totally damaged and there is nothing you can do to fix it anymore. You could have prevented it if you have assured that it was regularly inspected.

The part of the house that acts as your defense was the roof. If the roof was shattered and a lot of shingles are missing, it may not serve its function very well. The roofing that is taken care of also has the capacity to take good care of your family during a natural disaster.

Making sure that your roof can stand against any hurricane is important. This is because you can not predict if when will the hurricane or any calamity would happen. Having a roof that is not sturdy enough can bring danger to you and your family. That is why a regular check is not a waste of time and money.

During hurricane Irma, a roof from Miami was all blew out due to strong winds. The situation similar to this can bring trauma to the small kids. This can affect their perspective when it comes to hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Prevent further damage

Some roofing issues are yet to be discovered when the shingles start missing or water starts to leak. Avoiding the occurrence of this issue will save you more money. You can only prevent this if you will going to make sure your roof was being inspected at least once a year. Aside from this, you may also able to track the shingles.

Trimming the branches of the trees near your house is being forgotten by some homeowners. They tend to forget that it can be the reason why there are holes in the roofing of your house. When a certain part of the shingles was damaged, it is suggested that you need to repair it immediately. Forgetting to fix it might result in further roofing issues.

Paying attention to the condition of the roof is the same as ensuring that your house would stand still after any natural disasters. When the paint starts to blister, even if your roof looks good visually, you now need to change the roofing. Hiring an expert Tampa roofer that will assist you all throughout the process of roofing installation and replacement.

Cleaning the roof is a bit tricky since there are instances that dirt may not be visible. Homeowners consider repairing their roofings once they noticed the presence of molds and algae. When a roof was not decluttered, there is a tendency that more algae can form. Since there is a possibility that the algae would come back and will damage your roofing again.

Problems occur amidst the appearance of the roof. Here are some of the problems that might occur.

Algae form underneath the roofing

Molds, black and green algae, and moss can form under each shingle. A situation like this can be prevented if there will be a regular roofing checkup. Experts have the right tool to inspect the roof. Hiring a trusted roofing contractor make the work quickly.

The health issue is one of the concerns if having an unclean roofing. Algae and molds can bring serious illness to the homeowners. Having these compounds in your house can be harmful to your family. There are 100,000 kinds of molds that can cause sickness to your children. Molds can make you sick. People living in the house will be prone to allergies and asthma.

Existence of hidden damages

Checking your roof after every natural disaster minimizes these occurrences. The gutters should also be inspected. Where the water is flowing should be drained properly in order to avoid blockage. Clogged water can be a living and mating place for mosquitoes that cause dengue, malaria, and filariasis.

Water leakage and frosted nails are few of the signs that your roofing is damaged. When the electricity bill suddenly got higher, it means that you have a poor attic ventilation. Why do these things occur? The reason is there is not enough space for the air to escape. If the air-con is turned on, it is still warm, it is an indication that your attic ventilation needs to be repaired.

Deformation of walls and ceiling

Have you seen that your ceiling starts to look like a matching type exam? If yes, it because of the reason that there is water leakage. Holes are sometimes not noticeable on the outside. However, when the rainy season comes, water starts to drip down from the ceiling.

The paint on the wall can also be affected by this situation. Paints start to blister. Blistering happens when the paint starts to look like a bubble. This is due to the poor ventilation which lets the heat transcends to the surface of your home. If you are using wallpaper, water will flow from the ceiling to the walls of the house which causes for the paper to tear down.

There is a possibility that you can first notice the changes from the interiors. Not because your roofing is still in a good shape, there is no need for you to maintain and to repair the problems. When the roofing is taken care of, the roofing lasts longer. The health benefits that you and your family can have is more important than being too thrifty.